Effective Server Security Measures You Should Adopt in 2020

We have stepped into 2020 and tech experts are expecting a lot of change this year in the digital world. Search Engine like Google is expected to become more advanced and user-friendly, growing digital marketing habits among businesses, next-level social networking, and a lot more is estimated to enhance in 2020. The most important of all is security. The question arises, How we are going to secure our online servers so as to keep away the prying eyes and intruders with malicious intentions. We need to find out a sure-shot way to stay protected against online attackers and hackers in 2020. Sharing some tips here.

Never Click on Suspicious Links

The use of technology is a double-edged sword where on one hand it has immense benefits that simplify life, at the same time it can be dangerous too. Hackers send hundreds of emails and pop-ups online that make you click on suspicious links. Sometimes it may be just spam ads but the chances are high that it has a malicious intention… Of course, they are very tempting but be aware of them and should avoid clicking on such links. If you have even 1% doubt on them, avoid it otherwise it will be creepy to lose your server information.

Avoid Being Lazy to Change Passwords

This is crucial for all sorts of businesses and industries, be it service sectors like banking or large enterprises. You should regularly change your passwords and keep them random. Many times it happens that we reuse passwords just because we are too lazy to create a new combination of characters and letters. To ensure greater security of your servers, make sure that every time you create a new password and do not reuse the old one. Also, try to develop a strong password using special characters.

Do Not Covet Public Wi-Fi

The Internet is no longer a luxury today but has become an inseparable part of our life. This is the reason that you can find ample public connections around you in the market, restaurants, Railway station, Bus stand, etc. We would suggest you not connect your computer and mobile phone with these public networks. It renders your data vulnerable to hackers and attackers. In case of urgent needs, you should check the security beforehand and won’t connect your server on public Wi-Fi at the cost of data loss.

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